Our Story

It all started with what counts as entertainment for the family. Wanting to take a step away from tech-based pastimes, Sreeranjini toyed with the idea of introducing her kids to the games of her childhood. Chowkabara, Alu guli mane and Adu huli aata were initiated in the household. Her kids thoroughly enjoyed these games.

The excitement caught on with friends and the extended family. As is the true spirit of board games, it brought people closer, helped them unwind; while stirring sweet memories of growing up. Traditional board games became the mainstay of home entertainment.

Soon after, there was a chance encounter with an NGO group that works with palm leaf crafts. A face-to-face session with artisans unveiled the charm and intrigue of traditional board games and 'handmade' craftsmanship, prodding her to dig deeper. From dusty history books to sit-down sessions with grandmothers, the quest went on to different parts of the country, tracing clues and crumbs along the way. This enriching pursuit became a project for life... a labour of love. Kavade was born in 2008.

Kavade is set to shape an alternative world of entertainment... a hub for simple pastimes, a respite for tech-tired fingers... a guiding lighthouse in the times of digital invasion. The store is designed to have an old-world charm, with something bright and curious to be discovered at every step.

Kavade represents the cumulative consciousness of the way games are meant to be played - face-to-face, with minimum infrastructure.

"Kavade was founded to create playtime memories that are far removed from the adulteration of plastic or technology. Traditional board games have a magical effect. The sound of cowrie shells falling on the ground... the anticipation... the joy and camaraderie you experience with the people you play with, is indescribable. Kavade is an attempt to recreate those joys I've had as a child and those that my children and family experience while playing a board game. Kavade is my way of asking people to try the alternative, to unplug, to discover ways of coming together and staying together." - Sreeranjini

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